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Investing in gas and oil is one way to ensure the growth of your wealth. This is because gas and oil demand never flatlines: all countries still primarily rely on gas and oil to run businesses, transportation, manufacturing and multiple other industries. Gas and oil powers every activity each person does. Cooking appliances, electronics and gadgets, cars, the lights people use at home and in the office… all these are basic necessities to everyday living, and all of these items run on gas and oil.
Become part of a promising and fast growing company! Partnership with hedgetradings.com is first and foremost the ability to generate passive income. Hedge Tradings, which specializes in oil rigging & oil production, is actively expanding throughout its activities. Just now the next round of increase in production is planned, and it provides for all investors and partners alike, the chance to become a full-time beneficiary in a successful oil producing enterprise. Purposeful development of the company requires material investments, and the level of their payback remains the same high as before - with excellent prospects for growth net profit through the introduction of high-tech solutions that will ensure cost reduction.

Hedge Tradings is an oil and gas investment company which is officially registered in Switzerland under given address Glaserbergstr 27, 4056 in the canton of Basel, Switzerland. Our goal is to offer EVERY person the optimal solution for multiplying their capital with ZERO risk for the investor. Hedge Tradings have dwelled in the private sector of the oil production business and recently made our presence known in the cryptocurrency mining industry, with the aim of increasing profits for our investors and partners.

Certified Company

We are certified in THREE continents and in FIVE countries. We are all about breaking borders and pushing investment services globally.

Instant Payment Processing

We boast of the most technological advanced system of payment; your deposits or withdrawals are processed at lightening speed with ZERO delays.

Real-time Statistics

With our new user interface, investors are able to track the real time progress of their investments and also able to analyze the revenue growth of our prestigious company.

Funds Are Protected

Investing has never been this easy. Whether you are making deposits or withdrawals or simply checking up on your investments, be rest assured that your privacy is secured and your investments are protected.

How our
Investment System

Creating an account is a free and an easy procedure. Sign up and get one step closer to earning. No bitcoin wallet yet? No worries, you can create an account first and add your bitcoin wallet later.

Select a plan and deposit funds into the selected plan on your account. Your deposit will reflect on your dashboard immediately after payment, then you begin receiving earnings.

After the specified time of your investment, you can choose to reinvest your earnings to earn more income or process a withdrawal. Choice is yours.

Our Mission

"To make long-term difference in our industry and earn the trust of our partners and shareholders. We aim to push our borders and take Hedge Tradings oil and gas investments to every part of the world."

Our Vision

"To be recognised as a Company and partner of choice in the European oil and gas industry for delivering on our promises, pioneering new opportunities and approaches and bringing value to our industry, shareholders and community."

Certified Legal


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