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The Hedge Tradings Ltd., a subsidiary of Hedge Capital AG, was founded in Switzerland in the year 2013 by a n entity with the solid backing of the Switzerland government with a dedication to honesty and transparency. We believed that lowering the barriers to invest directly in oil and gas would yield demand worldwide. We had seen the bombastic sales pitches, the opaque corporate investments, and the high bar to entry that prevented everyday investors from taking advantage of one of the greatest creators of wealth over the last century. We set out to create a transparent, open-communication, highly vetted energy investment portal that was easy for investors to use. Each founder brought a set of skills – expertise in tax deduction laws, the oil and gas industry, business or technology – that made
Hedge Tradings platform quickly successful.

Hedge Tradings Ltd. believes in putting the investor first. We offer vetted
investment opportunities – and give you all the information you need to
select investments that are right for you. We carefully examine each project
and select only the best to present to our investors. We are fully backed
and supported by the government of Switzerland, and we make our
paperwork and company documents readily available.


Our companys profile and documents are readily available to anyone, investor or potential investor, on request. We are certified in THREE continents and FIVE countries, and we are expanding.


Trust isn't given; it Is earned! By consistently delivering on our promises, to our investors and partners. We are confident, committed and open minded, which enables us to pioneer new and better solutions and approaches, whether analysing data or at the negotiating table.


We know we can achieve far more as a Company than we can as individuals. Our collegial culture and flat hierarchy Means we consider different points of view and approaches to deliver the best solution for the business. When the business succeeds, we succeed.


For us, it is fun to always want to be better, and this means trying new things and always looking for better ways to reach our goals. We are proud of what we do and our integrity in delivering it.

Our Mission

"To make long-term difference in our industry and earn the trust of our partners and shareholders. We aim to push our borders and take Hedge Tradings oil and gas investments to every part of the world."

Our Vision

"To be recognised as a Company and partner of choice in the European oil and gas industry for delivering on our promises, pioneering new opportunities and approaches and bringing value to our industry, shareholders and community."

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